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Types of Lentils and Lentil Soup | Lentils Nutrition Facts

What exactly is a lentil? If you haven't heard of lentils or lentil soup. it is the oldest staple food in the world, and it dates back to 10,000 BC. The good thing about lentils is their long shelf life and drought-resistant properties.

Types of Lentils and Lentil Soup  Lentils Nutrition Facts

The lentil plant was created in the Near East, and these vegetables are packed with high levels of protein. such as those found in soy and hemp. There are many types to choose from, and some have been removed from the skin. Lentils are common in curries that are mostly eaten in India.

 Lentils are also a good, natural, and delicious alternative to brown rice. and they are cooked the same way, Due to the mild flavor of lentils, it can be mixed with almost any type of food. is a popular choice for people these days.

The internet can help you make many delicious and healthy lentil soups.  However, here is a look at the absolutely best lentil soup recipe.

Through this article, we will learn about the most important types of lentils and their benefits, in addition to the health benefits of eating lentil soup.

Which Lentils Are the Best?:

Lentils have many types, all of which are considered to be of high nutritional value. The difference in the types of lentils only lies in their colors and the nutritious auction rates that each type contains.

Brown lentils:

This type of lentil is considered the most widespread around the world. and is characterized by its light brown color and high content of (iron, thiamin, fats, carbohydrates, vitamin B6, and folic acid). It is also used extensively in Italy to prepare an Italian lentil soup recipe.

Brown lentils

Orange lentils:

It is characterized by its orange or pink color and the stripping of its peel, which is crushed lentils.

Orange lentils


Green lentils:

 It is considered one of the favorite types of lentils and is characterized by its high fiber. content and beautiful green color, and they are also important for the health of the human digestive system.

Green lentils

Yellow lentils:

 It is considered one of the types of lentils beneficial to human health. and this type of lentils is distinguished, by its yellow color and does not cause many gases inside the human abdomen.

Yellow lentils

Red lentils:

 It is characterized by its rapid preparation while cooking. and is characterized by its low percentage of fiber, which does not cause many gases inside the abdomen. it is characterized by its red color and high protein content.

Red lentils

Black Lentil:

 This type of lentil plant is distinguished by it's black in color and containing double quantities of nutrients. and this type is beneficial for the health of pregnant women, and children due to its high content of iron and folic acid.

Black Lentil

Lentils Nutrition Facts:

  • Lentils contain 3 mg of Vitamin C.
  • Four milligrams of elemental sodium.
  • Seventy-one milligrams of magnesium.
  • 59 mg of elemental iron.
  • Three hundred fifty-eight micrograms of folic acid.
  • 86 grams of protein.
  • Two hundred and thirty calories.
  • 75 grams of fat.
  • 89 grams of water.
  • 6 grams of fiber.
  • Seven hundred thirty-one milligrams of potassium.
  • 56 grams of n sugars.
  • Three hundred fifty-six milligrams of phosphorous.
  • 59 mg of elemental iron
  • 352 mg of vitamin B6.
  • 335 mg of vitamin B1.
  • 099 mg of vitamin B3.

Is Lentil Soup Good for You?:

Lentil Soup Benefits:

Lentil soup has many, many tempting benefits that may make people want to eat it, namely:

  • Lentil soup or soup reduces the incidence of type 2 diabetes.
  • Lentil soup helps prevent all cardiovascular diseases. and it also works to boost the level of folate and reduces the level of homocysteine in the blood.
  • Lentil soup helps to reduce the level of sugar in the blood, as all doctors recommend eating lentil soup because it works to raise the metabolism equipment. and works to improve metabolism.
  • And it works to resist carbohydrates, which are found in abundance in the diet of those who suffer from diabetes.
  • Lentil soup or soup works to reduce weight and lose the body for those who suffer from obesity and so on.
  • Lentil soup reduces harmful cholesterol to the body because it helps increase the proportion of yellow juice and reduces phospholipids.
  • Lentil soup or soup works to reduce the level of glucose stored in the blood inside the human body when a person is fasting or diabetic.
  • Lentil soup or soup reduces the risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer because it contains antioxidants and these anticancer drugs, and many countries may consume them to prevent the risk of developing cancer such as Turkey.
  • Lentil soup or soup works to prevent high blood pressure.
  • It works to give the body energy, activity, and vitality.
  • Lentil soup improves the functioning of the digestive system as it keeps the colon healthy.
  • Lentil soup prevents constipation or diarrhea, and it also works to regulate the excretion process inside the human body.
  • Lentil soup or soup works to prevent anemia, as it helps in the production of red blood cells.
  • The soup relieves rheumatic arthritis.
  • It also works to give deep moisture to the skin as it prevents skin dryness.
  • Lentil soup or soup will keep you warm during the winter.
  • Lentil soup works to maintain muscle performance.
  • Lentil soup works to benefit the health of the fetus and the pregnant mother, as it works to prevent the risk of fetal deformities.
  • And it works to maintain healthy teeth and bone health.

The Best Types of Lentil Soup:

Lentil Soup Benefits

Lentils aren't really difficult to cook, so just make sure you pick the lentils and wash them before cooking. Also, avoid overcooking, unless your goal is to make lentil puree.

There are many recipes related to lentils. Using the types of lentils that we mentioned earlier.
Lentil based dishes are especially popular in the Middle East and India. Lentils make delicious soups, croquettes, and pies.
Lentils are also used in preparing delicious casseroles, salads, and stews. But one of the most famous lentil soups that I personally prefer is:

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